Dear Gary,

     Looking back at my records, I saw that it's been more than 11 years since you began taking care of our swimming pool. I can't tell you how much I've appreciated all of Gary's hard work and care for our pool each opening and closing season. The guys always work hard, show up on time and treat our backyard pool area with care and consideration-just as if it were their own. The extra's you've provided to us are also much appreciated especially the weekly cleaning and balancing.

     Just wanted you to know that we have appreciated your efforts and your friendship to our family over these past 11 years. Thanks for everything.


~ Rob Pitts

     Boonton Pools is to me, Gary the Pool Guy. My pool is concrete and circa 50 years old and before I met Gary was a constant source of aggravation and problems for the first 20 years that we owned the house. We tried looking after it ourselves and various other pool companies but the pool just got worse and worse and more and more expensive to maintain for a shrinking season.

     Gary and his team have been taking loving care of it for over 10 years and not only do we never have problems, but it is in better shape now than it ever has been and our season is longer and much less traumatic. 

     Gary not only maintains the pool, he has installed a new gas heater, repainted the pool, installed new filters and piping and all for very low costs and with excellent service. Gary and his team maintain the pool throughout the season and we never have to worry about any green or cloudy conditions which were a constant problem before he took over maintenance.

     From repairs, refurbishments, renovations, maintenance to new pool designs and installations, Gary and his team are passionate about what they do and take customer service very seriously allowing us to have a beautiful, well-maintained pool to swim in year-after-year.

     All of their staffing, from Tammy in the office to all of the other service technicians. They are conscientious and professional and pay attention to every little detail. I really do not know what I would without Boonton Pools. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them all.

     I truly thank Boonton Pools for making having a pool such a pleasure and a totally painless experience!

     They are always very friendly on the phone, prompt on their service calls, professional at all times, and amazing to work with overall. They keep our pool clean and clear with no down time throughout the summer. A decade plus of high quality and reliable service that is much appreciated.

     I highly recommend Boonton Pools if you are looking for a stress free pool season.

~ John Wicker


     Now in our fourteenth season with Gary and Boonton Pools, we rarely have cause to think about pool maintenance. Never have we had to consider who would keep things in such good order.

     Gary came with our first pool. We purchased a home with an older pool that he had been servicing for some time. The seller recommended Gary. He has been a trusted provider for our family ever since.

   Boonton Pools gets the work done dependably and thoroughly. Of course, things break and equipment need replacing. It is always Gary that detects it, diagnoses it, offers a solution and executes the repair in a timely way. We are able to take for granted that the pool will be "guest ready" every time we use it - and we use it a lot.

   To put it simply - Boonton Pools, we never have to think about pool maintenance. Gary Does.

   Last year, we bought a home with a 20 year old pool that had not been opened the prior season. We were sure there were problems but purchased without even looking under the cover. We did so confident that whatever issues we would face, Gary would find durable, cost effective solutions. Our confidence was not misplaced. In a week, the pool was drained, cleaned, repaired, equipment replaced and filled. We enjoyed a worry-free May to October season.

~ Steve Davenport

Boonton Pools, Inc.


We love Gary the Pool Man!! He and his company provides prompt service; great communication, knowledgeable information; honest assessments for repairs; and a creative eye for creating an aesthetically pleasing pool.

They redid the thirty yr old pool and transformed it into a place of beauty. The salt-water pool has become the lifeline to our health. They care for the pool when we are away and at home! They have our highest recommendation!

~ Gail Jacobus